Cloud Dough Recipe for Sensory Play

This easy cloud dough recipe uses what you have on hand in your kitchen and comes together in no time. It’s perfect for little explorers of any age. 
cloud dough recipe with flour for kids and mouthers

Cloud Dough – A Great Sensory Play Idea

I was looking to make another sensory activity for Danger before the hustle-and-bustle of all the windows and siding replacements begin next week. I had a ton of flour on hand and only one small box of baking soda, so I made a cloud dough with flour and it’s SO SOFT.

Easy Cloud Dough Recipe

This is a very simple cloud dough recipe – it’s just 2 cups of flour and 1/8th cup of oil. We used vegetable oil for our batch and it was perfect. 

Note: Do not use coconut oil because when it clumps horribly. Use vegetable oil to get an edible cloud dough base. 

We also added a cupcake flavoring I found – it smelled like orange creamsicles and it immediately brought me back to childhood.

How to Color Cloud Dough – Sidewalk Chalk

If I would have stopped with the ingredients above, this would have been an edible cloud dough! I wanted to give her a colored dough, however, so I used sidewalk chalk shavings I scraped off with a butter knife. 

I gave E a chance to whittle the chalk with her wobbler-friendly utensils, too. 


How to Store Cloud Dough

Once you’ve mixed up a couple of cups of the cloud dough with flour, you’re safe to put it in an airtight container and reuse it. You can also store it in a large zip-top baggie. 

I ended up making a couple of batches and coloring each one different colors for a rainbow cloud dough sensory bin. She LOVED it and it was really easy to store each color separately until play. 

Ideas for Cloud Dough Sensory Bins

I used a few themes in our cloud dough sensory bins that were HUGE hits. If you collect erasers (doesn’t everyone?!), they are perfect to go into the flour cloud dough. 

We also set up an itsy bitsy spider sensory bin which she loved. It’s a favorite book around here. 

Handing it off to Danger


Very proud of her findings



That’s it for this easy sensory play experience for children, friends. It only took minutes to set up and it lasted a while. E really loved digging to find what surprises I hid in the dough.

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Flour Cloud Dough Recipe an Sensory Play Ideas

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