Chocolate Covered Bananas – Patriotic Pops for Independence Day

Make these frozen banana pops – chocolate covered bananas – for your Independence Day celebration. Why not serve these healthy-ish 4th of July treats to everyone? These sweet treats are sure to please!

chocolate covered banana frozen banana pops for Independence Day and 4th of July

Chocolate Covered Bananas

How fun are these? They are quick to come together and can be customized for any holiday or party. The best part? The kids can help make them!

We had some bananas that were becoming a bit too ripe and I didn’t want to bake because it was too hot. ‘Too hot’ here in Seattle means it was a scorching 75 degrees. Fahrenheit.

I plopped the little girl on the counter and showed her how to “cut” the bananas into pieces. She was using a fork and sadly, obtained no photo documentation of the tongue-out concentration that she exhibited for this task.

As you can probably guess with a 2.5-year-old slicing the food, the pieces we have are not even. Know what? They were still super tasty!

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Ingredients for Chocolate Covered Bananas

This can’t even be called a recipe, friends.

  • bananas
  • colored sugar
  • chocolate ((baking bar, candy melts, chips)
  • lollipop sticks

Assemble the Treats

I broke off a square and a half of the chocolate and popped it in the microwave. While it was warming, I cut the lollipop sticks in half while Elise “sliced” the bananas with her “big girl” fork.

A tip – we tried the lollipop stick two ways and the best way was keeping the banana slice vertical.


Once the chocolate was melted, I stuck the cut lollipop stick into the chocolate and pushed it through the banana slice. Once each slice was pierced with the stick, I laid them out on a small cookie sheet covered in wax paper.

We then used a small spoon to scoop and slather some chocolate to a slice that I’d stuck with a lolly stick. Because our little one was going to get these for dessert, I limited the chocolate to the front of the banana, but you could do more if you’d prefer.


Once covered, Elise would try to sprinkle on some sugar. Sometimes it made it onto the banana; sometimes it did not make it onto the banana. As you can probably guess, I figured out that if we added the chocolate in strips, she would have better luck making the stripes, so that’s what we did (after I had put the camera down, of course).


Once all of the bananas were covered, we popped them into the freezer until dinner. These were best when they sat on the counter for a couple of minutes and kind of softened. We left them there for about 10 minutes, and they were a good texture. Right out of the freezer had us chipping our teeth, so my advice is to let them sit a bit.

Over to You

What kind of treats will you be enjoying for Independence Day? We really appreciate you stopping by today and would love it if you could share this on Facebook with your friends. Your shares are how we grow. 

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