Catch Up!

Three tomatoes are walking down the street – a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Poppa tomato gets angry, goes over to the baby tomato, and smooshes him… and says, Catch up. 

~ Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction 

Ha ha ha! It makes me laugh every time. Every. Time. Click on “Read More” after the picture to join us in some “If You Give A…” and easy sensory bin fun!

It’s again time for a little “catch up,” so to speak, because I have been lacking in my blogging duties. And I cannot think of the phrase, “catch up,” without thinking of Uma Thurman and the cult-classic movie, Pulp Fiction. What can I say? I just adore Quentin Tarantino – the twisted fella understands what I love to laugh at.  

We’ve been filling our fall days with a lot of trips to the gym because my toe has healed completely, so I’m back in full swing with my trainer. Danger also got a chance to stay the weekend with Grandma, as Mom and Dad had a weekend celebrating a friend’s milestone birthday. 
We are fueling Danger’s insatiable reading habit with weekly trips to the library, and it has been so fun to come up with activities to pair with the books we bring home. The “If You Give” books are some of our favorites! 
Here, Danger is making some cupcakes after we read – and re-read, and re-read – If You Give A Cat A Cupcake. I cut up the felt pieces during a nap and we have enjoyed them many times since. 


We also keep checking to see if she is ready for her balance bike. Just a smidge taller, and both feet will finally be able to touch the ground, allowing her to rocket away. :) 


A couple times a week, Elise and I have “school time,” where we have a play-based learning activity. Because she knows most colors and shapes, we started introducing letter activities. My plan is to have her color a letter, color additional pictures that start with that letter, and then have a sensory experience while we talk about the letter. I know it is early to start on letters, but there are only so many coloring book and play dough sessions this momma can take!
After some research – because, hey it’s me – I am following Tim Seldin’s Montessori method of teaching letters. “C” was first and she had a ball coloring the letter, hanging it up, and playing in the rainbow rice loaded with a couple foam letter C’s and items that started with it.
She even said, “Look, Mom! I has two “C’s!”
I also made a discovery box for her to play with that had different toys to reinforce the letter. It was quickly put together for her, but she attacked it with gusto and even some imaginative play as mom looked on.
Here she is having the chick talk “peep, peep” to the cow who was sad because he was driving a camel. Seriously, how cute is that?!
Later that week, we also learned that she knew the uppercase letter E already. Yay!
Nearly every day, Elise and I take a couple of walks: just before nap and just before Dad gets home from work, so we can be out there to welcome him home. This past Wednesday, Elise got a flu shot, had an exhausting, very physical play date afterwards, and slept three hours at nap (yay for mommy!), so I thought we should definitely get in that late afternoon walk. Nope. Nope. Nope.
This happened about two minutes into or walk:
It doesn’t look too bad in this photo taken hours later, however blood was EVERYWHERE!! I was very calm – which is weird, but knowing your kid takes cues from your mood, isn’t too surprising – and very quickly walked back to the house to clean it and calm her down. A day later, I noticed that she actually chipped a tooth’s corner, so I am setting up her first dentist’s appointment a bit earlier than planned. It broke my heart for a couple days afterwards, when she bumped her lip with her tongue or hand and let out a little yelp. Ugh.
She is all smiles now, however, and we are gearing up for some great fall family fun this weekend. Have a great day!  
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