These Autism Mickey Ears for Disney are so Awesome!

Friends recommended I share this collection of Autism Mickey ears and hats. If you’re heading to a park, these might be one of the best accessories for your family.

photo collage of disney mouse ears for autistic kids
These Autism Mickey ears were recommended to me by a friend and I’m so glad she did. These ears and hats add to the Disney magic and help families have a great park experience.

Autism Mickey Ears

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I know that going to Disney can be a kid’s dream come true. Even if a differently-abled child can’t express or verbalize it, a parent knows when their child is ready for the theme parks.

While helping a friend for their family’s first trip to Disney, she expressed a desire to get some autism Mickey ears for her son. She heard from a few Facebook friends that it helped signal the actors at Disney that he’s autistic.

I couldn’t believe it – what a smart idea! I helped her gather the best autism Mickey ears around and thought I’d share them with you! Let’s get started.

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Tips to Make these Mickey Ears for Autistic People

  • Instead of ears, consider a hat with the same idea. We pack both for the kids because that sun is no joke!
  • Take a lot of breaks and be sure to do some research on the shady spots around each park.
  • Don’t try to go for just one day, make it a multi-day trip. When planning a trip like this, consider Disney a large city you’re going to tour. Be sure to schedule some downtime – for yourself and the kids.
  • If you’re still working out your budget, be sure to check out these simple tips for budgeting food costs at Disney from an expert on the subject.

photo collage of autistic Minnie mouse ears for disney

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Where are these Autism Mickey Ears?

I’m so glad you asked. Below are all the awesome Autism Mickey Ears we found! And if you’re interested, a friend of mine bought a set of ears for herself but went with a hat for her son.

Autism Mickey Ears

Autism Mickey Ears

This is the collection of our favorite autism Mickey and Minnie ears for Disney.

Autism Awareness Mickey Shirts

These Autism Awareness shirts might also be a great addition for a trip to Disney.

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