Adjustable, Reversible Felt Crown for Pretend Play


Make a little crown for a little one to engage in some pretend play. 

purple and green diy felt crown for kids

Some felt, some glue, and about 15 minutes makes the total cost of this easy felt craft only $1.40.That can make two adjustable, reversible crowns!

This will get you the base for an easy, quick, reversible felt crown that can be customized with jewels, felt animals, flowers, or anything else your 2-year-old can stick on it. It was remarkably simple to whip out and we had everything on hand and you might, as well.

Tips for Making a Felt Crown

  • If you don’t have velcro, pick up a small package. You could stick a piece of elastic in the back to make it adjustable.
  • A hot glue gun was my preferred method because it doesn’t have a strong smell like craft glues, but you could use them.
  • Sheets of craft felt are inexpensive and I recommend using it instead of the bolted felt. 

How to Make a Felt Crown with Adjustable Straps

Grab some felt and let’s make learn how to make a quick felt craft for dressup. 

Yield: 1 felt crown

Felt Crown Tutorial

purple and green adjustable felt crown for kids on white background with text which reads quick and easy felt crown diy

This felt crown tutorial will show you how simple it can be to make your own crown!

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • purple craft felt
  • green craft felt
  • Dollar Store jewels
  • copy paper (for template)


  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • velcro


  1. Gather supplies and make a template from copy paper (or use Google to find a free one). 
  2. felt crown supplies
  3. Cut the first piece of the crown from the template. Next cut the second color for the other piece of the crown.
  4. felt crown template
  5. Cut the head strap pieces and secure to the main color felt on the sides (just about 1-inch strips that are long enough to slightly overlap when fastened with Velcro).
  6. straps for felt crown and pieces for the body on white background
  7. Decide where you want the front accent color (I chose to have purple showing as a border) and glue them together.
  8. how to attach straps to a crown for kids
  9. Finally, cut two small pieces of Velcro and glue or stick the hook one side to either of the straps.
  10. how to attach velcro to make a felt crown for kids adjustable
  11. Let the kids bedazzle their crowns with jewels, stickers, or anything they'd like.


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Oh, and you can further embellish it very easily! I made a felt monkey and lion last year for Elise to play with and had the foresight (very rare) to put a hooked piece of velcro on the backs before hand sewing them up. They were perfect for our DIY felt board.
Ta da! You are done… Unless you want to embellish it just a little with some Dollar Store jewels left over from the treasure hunt you had last week. 
This is an awesome pic of an easy craft on
Here she is modeling her owl with after starting to bedazzle her felt crown and later, a brief trip to the park (where she left her felt crown). 

This is an awesome pic of an easy craft on
This is an awesome pic of an adorable girl on
This is an awesome pic of an adorable girl on

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