A Sweet Valentine (Mumford and Sons Not Required, but It’d Be Good)

I have a confession – I did this so long ago, I can’t remember exactly when.

Sometime in late December or early January, I started thinking of Valentine’s Day and made them, but the only recollection of them I have is the music I was listening to.

Weird, right? It’s like it never happened…

And yet, here they are. Oh well, at least the little one likes them! Click on “Read More” to find out how these little felt beauties are spreading the Valentine’s Day love around.

While surfing the wonderful world wide webinator, I came across these little beauties from Katie Did

Quick? Check. 

Easy? Check. 

Have all the necessary crap craft supplies on hand? Check. 

I knocked out a few of these cuties in different colors, shapes and sizes. I deviated from Katie just a bit and attached a piece of velcro (only using the hook/rough side) so that I wouldn’t have to sew a button on each one or tie the felt around Elise’s wrist. 

Yeah, that’s me being a lazy, little crafter there, but hey, it works.  

After I had the bracelets made, I thought they could use some love themselves – packaging love, that is. 

I designed (haha, such an overstatement) and executed two of these while listening to about half of one of the Mumford And Sons albums – apparently I was feeling crafty and folksy. 

Design is such an overstatement. Although I can’t remember exactly, I’m positive that my highly technical, very detailed design process was as follows: 

Well, the felt is out. 

And the embroidery thread is out. 

I bet I could come up with a simple envelope thingy, and I’d only have to get a button from Elise’s craft cabinet. I’d have to get up for that… 

Ok, it’s only three feet away and I have no extra pieces of the hook side of the velcro handy.  

I didn’t use a plan or pattern for the envelopes ‘cuz I’m lazy and just didn’t think of looking for one. Typing up this post however, I thought I should include a link to one, and WOW! Just, WOW!

There are so many clever, crafty people out there… Just Google felt envelope yourself and be amazed! I sure am.

I just realized that I am seriously going to have to step up my game a bit once Elise figures out how to surf the web… 

Until then… These little envelopes are so quick to make and while coming up with this one for V-day, I came up with another one for a friend of Elise’s who’s into tractors (see below). 

She made him an original piece of artwork (stickers and crayon on a poster board remnant) and we put it in the tractor envelope.

By the way, does everyone else whose daughters love stickers end up finding random stickers in their hair? Or on their shoulder? Or the back of one’s knees? 

Yeah, okay. Maybe that could be just me. 

Use the comments section below to let us know you stopped by and what crafty things you’re doing for Valentine’s Day! 

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